Salt & Musk Pefume 100ml

بواسطة Equation

الاستدامة كمعيار.قراءة المزيد

دراي كلين

Top Notes: A citrusy burst awakens the senses, like sunlight bursting through dew-kissed petals. Sweet whispers of powdery florals linger, hinting at the hidden depths to come.

Heart Notes: A luminous bouquet unfolds, delicate blossoms intertwined with rich, honeyed sweetness. Sunlight dances on petals warmed by a hint of earthy intrigue.

Base Notes: Warmth and sophistication take center stage, fueled by smooth amber and the smoldering allure of forbidden pleasures. Sweetness and spice play a seductive dance, grounded by earthy depths that leave a lingering trail of mystery.