K-Town Oud Perfume 100ML

بواسطة Equation

الاستدامة كمعيار.قراءة المزيد

دراي كلين

Top Notes:

  • A burst of freshness: The fragrance opens with a crisp, invigorating blast, like the first breath of sea air after a long journey. Imagine sparkling citrus notes, perhaps a whisper of juniper berry, or the clean, mineral tang of sea salt.
  • A hint of sweetness: Beneath the freshness, a touch of unexpected sweetness emerges, like the scent of wildflowers hidden among the dunes. It might be a juicy burst of grapefruit, the delicate kiss of honeysuckle, or a whisper of fig.

Heart Notes:

  • Earthy embrace: As the fragrance unfolds, the forest asserts its presence. Aromatic herbs like sage or rosemary evoke the scent of sun-warmed cliffs and windswept meadows. Woody notes like cedarwood or sandalwood add depth and grounding, whispering of ancient trees and hidden trails.
  • Hidden depths: A touch of mystery lingers in the heart of the fragrance. Perhaps it's the musky, ambergris-like quality of ambrette seed, hinting at the secrets kept by the ocean floor. Or maybe it's a smoky whisper of incense, like the embers of a bonfire crackling on the beach.

Base Notes:

Oud and hint of sensuality emerges, like the golden embers of a dying fire. It might be the balsamic sweetness of cistus ladanum, the warm allure of vanilla, or the musky depth of patchouli.

A wood and sea salt fragrance is more than just a scent; it's an experience. It's a journey to a place where the wild beauty of the coast meets the grounding peace of the forest. It's a reminder that even in the midst of everyday chaos, there is a sense of balance and harmony to be found in the natural world.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let this captivating fragrance transport you to your own personal paradise. Whether it's a windswept cliff overlooking a crashing ocean or a sun-drenched forest path, the journey is yours to explore.